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Feature in Luxuriate Life Magazine

Am so honoure

d and thrilled to be featured alongside some amazing women in Luxuriate Life Magazine for International Women's Day. It is heartening to see so many others pursue their passion to create ethical, sustainable and mindful products that give back or are gentle to the world.

Blown glass vessel lustre shiny
"Inua" blown glass vessel

This piece is called “Inua” - in Inuit mythology, an Inua is a spirit or soul that exists in all people, animals, lakes, mountains, and plants; and sometimes personified in mythology. It is my fervent hope that everyone will realise how important it is to respect our environment and hold in reverence everything that inhabits it. Sadly, most of the human race have not only moved away from our connection with the earth and nature, we are contributing to its detriment. The first people who inhabited the earth lived in harmony with the land and nature, evident in the cultural myths and religion that connect them to life. Moreover, in prehistoric and early historic periods of human development, the supreme creator was regarded female in all areas of the world and The Great Goddess was worshiped as far back as the Upper Paleolithic about 25,000 BC. What better time than now to return to our roots celebrating International Women’s Day - firstly by reclaim the Divine Feminine by first holding sacred the relationship we have with ourselves, so we can help and support others from a more authentic place of being.

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